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chillxx--1 asked:
Where did you go?? I miss you :'(

T_T I miss all of you guys, too!! I’m not sure if I’ve told you but from October 13 to October 30 I’ll be sitting the HSC, my final exams of high school. I guess they’re like the Sydney equivalent of the SATs? So, yeah, I’ve kind of stopped writing to study. I know it’s a long wait but hopefully you guys understand that these exams are very important regarding my acceptance into university and I promise I’ll be back as soon as I’m free of them! Haha, until then, please remember that I think of this blog everyday and I love all of you. 

P.S: To those of you who have requested, I actually have gotten your requests. I haven’t answered them because I don’t want to lose track of them but once I add them to the queue and screenshot them and whatnot, I’ll answer them so you know I’ve received them. :)

Geez, I said ‘them’ a lot in that sentence. What even is English.

Anonymous asked:
Hey! I love you so much! Your writing is awesome! So I was wondering, do you have any tips for people who just started to write books and tips to make it not too jumpy?

Hello there, my lovely! 

First of all, I’m so very flattered you’ve come to me for advice. Thank you so much for trusting me to answer this question. ^^

Now, pacing is important for the general mood of your story and it’s something that I struggle with if I haven’t decided on a story’s mood/theme. Therefore, before anything else, decide that. I’m currently working on a story that I guess could be classified as a ‘slice-of-life’ in the beginning. It’s set in the suburbs in winter and all that’s happening is the two main characters driving to a bookstore. Because of the quiet setting, it’s rather mundane and slow-paced so I fill in time by adding  details that aren’t necessarily important to the story but give it life. You can do this by imagining what your main character sees as they go about their business. If they’re in their room, just offhandedly mention the unmade bed or the sweater that’s about to fall off its hanger. Conversely, in an action scene, there’s no way your main character would have time to notice this so it’s okay if it’s quick and a little ‘jumpy.’

As my two characters drive, I don’t want to immediately cut to the scene in which they reach the bookstore because, as you say, it will seem jumpy; so I’ve let the main character get lost in her thoughts for a little while, writing about how she considers her companion the safest driver out of all the people she knows. It’s a nice way to give their relationship more depth and also give the reader some insight on how she feels about him. That said, she’s getting lost in her thoughts because her friend has a quiet personality so feel free to lengthen your story with some dialogue. If you can’t make any comments on their surroundings, delve internally.

Sorry this is such brief advice. Don’t be shy to ask any other questions if this didn’t help you. (Let’s be real, it probably didn’t.)

Also, please remember that dialogue and description do make good fillers if your concern is pacing, but they shouldn’t just be things you add willy-nilly. Try to make them contribute to either worldbuilding, the plot or character development. :)

Anonymous asked:


Anonymous asked:


After Summer (Steve Rogers x Reader)


A/N: Mm, I think people should request Marvel more often. But I got a little carried away with this, sorry… It doesn’t have a lot to do with the prompt. T^T I still hope you enjoy some high school AU Steve though, haha!

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Anonymous asked:
Continuation of waiting for you , a dean ficr, please?

Done and done, my darling!

spnroxmysox29 asked:
Could you make one of those Imagines with the gifs that says: Imagine Cas complimenting you on your horseback riding and asking if you can teach him how to ride"?

OMG, that’s sounds deathly hard and also kind of hilarious. I’ll try. Please don’t shoot me if I can’t!

chillxx--1 asked:
HALLO! Can I please have a super fluffy multiple imagine where cas, dean, and sam are exhausted after a hunt, to the point where they are snappy,so the reader invites them into her bed and then they all cuddle with eachother then fall asleep. Thanks!

Aw, haha, kind of like a preference, right? Gosh, I haven’t read one of those in ages. Okie dokie, dear, I will strive to make it happen!

breanastyles asked:
Okay your blog has cheered me us alot lately and I would like you to write one how Cass is married with kids and is over protective on his family, who are all angels(exept his wife) and hunters also. Love your blog

Thank you so much, darling. It makes ME happy that my blog makes YOU happy. I would be delighted to write that for you. :)

Sebastian Stan Imagine Blog

Hey, y’all! I have an exam block that begins from July 28 and ends on August 8 so that’s why I’ve been really inactive lately.

However, I decided to start a Sebastian Stan imagine blog before all the URLs got taken. (Please don’t punch me.) I’m not new to the Standom but I guess I never fully appreciated him until Tumblr got Sebastian fever, haha.

If you are interested, click HERE

I would be forever grateful if you sent a request. :)

Alright, that’s all I wanted to say! Stay safe and I promise imagines for our favourite supernatural dorks will come out real soon. 

rhlizzy asked:
Can you write a fanfic idea for me please. -no Destiel or Wincest- Note : I'm sending this prompted to other writers to, b/c I want to see different writing styles .hopes that's Ok.

I would love to, but what’s the idea?

EDIT: Thank you to spn-imagine for helping my realise I totally misinterpreted this, LOL! Hm, a fanfic idea… I don’t know whether you’d be writing a reader-insert or not but why not one where the actor who plays the reader in the French Mistake universe gets switched into the Supernatural universe? That’s always something I’ve wanted to write myself. If you’re not writing a reader-insert, you could still do this with virtually any of the other actors/characters. Good luck!

Anonymous asked:
Hey, I was wondering if u could do one where the reader is dean and Sam's little sister and she got that crush for castiel and he kinda likes her back so one time they kiss for the first time and dean sees it and is overprotective and calls sam and both freak out ?

"And both freak out" BAHAHAHAHA, that is great, I love it. Consider it done, my sweet!

Anonymous asked:
Do a part two for waiting on you pretty ease :)

You sent this like a minute after I posted it, haha! So quick! I would love to do a Part 2, hun.

Anonymous asked:
can you write a fic where crowley gets badly hurt and the reader has to take care of him? no smut please ^_^

Aw, sure, my lovely!

One Way or Another: Part 2 (Castiel x Reader)



It was easy to see why Jimmy had fallen for you.

A/N: I wasn’t going to make it a sequel but the first one seemed a little unfinished because it was too much about Jimmy so here you go! I think it’s pretty easy to understand this without having to read the first part, but if you’re curious click here to read Part 1. Hope you like it. :)

Sorry this took AGES. I am getting closer and closer to the HSC (which is pretty much the Australian equivalent of the SATs, I guess) so I haven’t been in the writing mood lately. This will probably have a Part 3, haha. Hope you like it!

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